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Another good reason to chose your app carefully - some older and less developed programs can easily be spotted. And I always answer - no you can not. Don't believe any marketing hype about this. Free programs that work and are hidden just do not exist. You may find a free trial Thankfully they don't need to cost too much and are within the reach of most people.

They all cover the same standard features such as call logs and text messages - but then they have different advanced features and controls. This depends on the operating system and the version. If you are monitoring an iPhone - can it be Jailbroken , or will you need a No Jailbreak spy version? With Android devices you may need to Root for some features to work.

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I go into details on the main reviews and in my main guide. Only pay for the features you need - quite often the Basic versions have more than enough information for most people and cost a lot less. If you need these features you could also consider taking out shorter term subscriptions - and save some money.

Beware of programs offering a one off payment for lifetime cover - what could go wrong? I like everyone to save money but if you want a reliable spy software that actually works, stick to the main recommended programs. In this next section I try to compare the main programs in terms of what they are best at monitoring. The only consideration is whether or not you Root the device. All four work very well on Android and it really does come down to your monitoring requirements and budget.

For Advanced features I would go for mSpy - for a budget option You first need to determine if the target iPhone can be Jailbroken - up to iOS 9. You can only install the full version software on Jailbroken Apple devices - otherwise you need to use the No Jailbreak versions. Mspy, Mobistealth and Xnspy all have both versions available. Flexispy only have the full version software - but they are your Only option if you want call recording on an iPhone.

Firstly they must have internet capability and then all that matters is the operating system being compatible. Same rules as with mobile phones. Where they get interesting is when combining tracking a cell phone with alerts and notifications - and how easy this is to manage. Great for tracking your kids movements - get an alert if they enter a restricted area! Winner - mSpy. It will not be long before they overtake the old fashioned text! If you are monitoring a cell phone and you can't see their instant messages, you are probably missing a lot. The spy companies recognized this early on and have worked hard to keep up with the changes.

All four have decent coverage of the main platforms but Flexispy does monitor the largest range of social media and messenger apps. The important thing is to look for the platforms that you need to cover - nobody uses all of them Having the ability to hear a live call or a voice recording is crucial for some. Ambient recording is another feature that I would place in this category - where the phone can be used like a bug to record the phone's surroundings. FlexiSpy has dominated these features for the past few years and they do a good job. They now also record things like Facetime and WhatsApp voice calls!

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As always with spy phone software there is no simple answer - have a look at the pricing comparison above! There is no getting away with it - if you need Flexispy's recording features you need to pay. If you can get away with a bit less in terms of features, you can save substantially. I personally think the basic monitoring versions over a year represent real value for money - and they should cover most people's needs. I have reviewed some other programs but for various reasons I do not fully recommend them.

Some of these under testing have problems with accuracy and reliability, some don't work as promised. Some of the companies have a shady background and some just don't offer anything to make me want to chose them over any of my recommended apps. Feel free to check out my reviews for these spy software apps:. I'd love to hear your reasons. Now it is up to you. Take some time and consider what you want to achieve before looking at my individual reviews in more detail.

A part of the problem is that you have such a huge number of different companies to choose from and sadly this specific market has become targeted by some unethical online marketers. Things can quickly become confusing — then you start to worry about being scammed!

I am hoping this information will serve as a guide to save you some time in locating the best cellphone spy app for your requirements — and keep your money safe!

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There are some decent applications on the market from reliable phone spy app companies that are capable of doing some remarkable things. Finding these companies and ordering from decent suppliers will in the end save you money and time. The website itself can provide you with some clues about the quality of the program — if you know what to look for.

What you want to see is a professional looking site which looks like a real business.

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Look for phone numbers, addresses, contact information — live help chat is popular with some of the better programs. Some of the scam sites have nothing but a couple of pages with big Buy Now buttons everywhere. You need to look for detailed information — are most of your questions answered by information on their website? Look at a few different websites to compare what a real product site should look like — start with the programs I have reviewed.

Of course lots of these things can be faked and they might have a great looking website selling crap software. Now you need to search online for more clues.

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If not this is a really bad sign as Google does not like their website — perhaps due to complaints or bad practices. See what comes up here. Just a word of caution with this tip — read what is being said and try to judge the truth. Look for lots of complaints as a sign of scam software.


View call history. Track WhatsApp Messages. Allows you to track whatsapp messages without rooting cell phone. Track Viber Messages. Show viber history, get all sent and received viber text messages. Spy on Facebook Messenger. See all facebook messager chats history, get all sent and received facebook logs. Monitor Internet Use. See Photos Captured. View all photos taken from the phone and received via any source. Access Phone Books. See every mobile number that's registered on the memory of the phone. Ambient Recording.

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Remotely Control. It is the most powerful monitor cell phone software with highly innovative features. Spy App works on all mobile phones on all networks. You can track on virtually any cell phone remotely and invisibly. Over , satisfied customers are already using spy software on cell phone. Because it costs you less than your daily cup of coffee!

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  • Trusted by Over. We are so confident that Mobile Spyware will be the app you need that. The answer is YES. Very easy install with only 3 simple steps to complete the whole HelloSpy installation process, then you can remotely to track targets regular phone with your mobile any time and anywhere.

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    • Download Application. Its so easy it wont take more than 1 minute. Just download the application on the phone you want to monitor. Register New Device. View Data Online. Login to your online Account to view All the Information from the target device.