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Its paid version unlocks many more impressive features to make your navigation an interesting experience. Sygic has got almost everything for you including information about suitable parking and price.

Mobile Phone Tracker

Life is quite a popular family tracking app complete with a range of amazing features. Its real usability is that users can add circles and groups for their family and friends to detect their locations along with a log of their past locations. This Android GPS tracker app also has an additional driving support.

10 Best Android GPS Tracking Apps

It has ability to sense crash, send emergency messages and size up your driving pattern. Focused on Android users, this free app is packed with handy and unique features to amaze users.

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Its value doubles especially when you are travelling on the road and need a digital GPS tracking companion to help you choose accurate fastest route. It offers turn-by-turn navigation enabled with a voice guide and live maps that are consistently updated by Waze community map editors. You can add your facebook friends and sync your contacts to the app.

Android Apps Can Track You Even If You Deny Permissions! How to Prevent Them From Spying You

You can also check the nearest gas stations on your route when you need petrol refill. GPS Phone Tracker. GPS Phone Tracker can be used to view the exact location of your family and friends.

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  • What make it quite praiseworthy are its easy connectivity features, accurate directions and guidance and seamless performance. Its device tracker gets you a real-time update to find a lost Android phone. It is fast easy resort for navigating to your destination. It also contains solid turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation for precise directions while driving, walking or riding. But what makes MapQuest special and considerable is its integration with OpenTable and GrubHub that allows you to browse through restaurant menus, fix reservations and order food.

    Android Gps Tracking Apps

    The GPS tracker app is already popular among millions of people worldwide who use it to access accurate real-time location of their device. Its remarkable anti-theft feature, passive location updates and geo-fencing property make it more special. Glympse is a spontaneous all-round GPS tracking app for Android that has unrivalled power to track your location without compromising your privacy.

    Mobile Tracker for Android (App Demo)

    You can easily track a delivery, know the exact location of friends and colleagues, or inform people in your contact about their location. Glympse also protects you device from possible theft. Its user-friendly interface has social qualities that make location tracking effortless. New research has found that over 18, Android apps can create permanent records on their users, even when they try to stop the tracking. The apps in question should only be collecting a digital "advertising ID" from your phone as a way to serve up targeted ads.

    If you'd like to opt out, all you should need to do is go to the phone's settings and reset the advertising ID. However, the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, California, has discovered that many popular apps are doing more than just capturing the advertising ID from Android phones.

    Thousands of Android apps can track your phone — even if you deny permissions - The Verge

    They're also collecting other identifiers, such as the device's serial number, the IMEI number, and other hardware or network indicators — none of which you can reset. As a result, the apps can still identify your device, even if you decide to reset the advertising ID, said Serge Egelman, a researcher at the institute. The data collection also appears to violate Google's own developer policies , which forbids apps from collecting the advertising ID with device information. According to Egelman's findings, which were first reported by CNET, some of the most popular Android apps, with millions of installs, all engage in the practice.

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    Much of the data is also being sent to various ad networks. However, Google is pushing back on some of the research. Just click on any of the social media buttons on the side. Just click on any of the social media buttons below. Join the 3. Cunaplus Dreamstime. Next Story. View Comments.

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