Gps tracker for kids

We have both Vodafone and Telstra devices. Vodafone is typically fine inner city and best for international use and Telstra is best for outside metro areas, having less coverage.

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So if you are planing to travel best have a chat with us before to ensure you have the right unit. No hidden costs and No Contracts! We have launched an new app and Web portal, designed and developed right here in Melbourne! The app gives you full control of your GPS device from your phone with ease. We know after sales support is important that is why we now have a new support hotline and Live chat Monday to Friday. All emails are responded to within hrs.

Hotline - 66 22 80 Email - support nuttag. Our 3G SIM cards are embedded in our device and charged with 12 months of data — so they are ready for use out of the box. There are no contracts, so you can let the data expire and not renew if you choose. Notifications and Alerts are sent directly to your App and Online Portal. You can also request for these to be sent via SMS. You can purchase this within the accessories on the purchase page.

Battery life can vary based on your requirement for reporting, this means you can ask the unit to update on on location every 10 seconds or daily, the battery life can last up to 15 days dependant on your requirement. New App - Try Free Demo. For emergency situations activate the on-board SOS button to receive instant alerts through your connected App. In app push notifications, Email and SMS. Be notified if a potential fall or collision has taken place. Fast alerts allow you to react promptly. Set a do not disturb time period to ensure the watch will not be a distraction during your defined times.

Low battery reminders, Geofence alerts SOS alerts and more.. Use Safe Zone feature to create virtual fences and receive breach alerts when your loved ones enter or exit your zones.

GPS Keeps Your Children Safe

It offers piece of mind and confidence through super high location accuracy. Download info pack. Protecting our children is the number one priority as parents, especially if they have special needs. We want to shield them from danger but also let them develop their own risk management skills. Fall detection, emergency SOS, two-way voice communication, geofence alerts, Live tracking from anywhere on connected to an easy to use mobile app. Every purchase comes with a free family license plan. With a battery capacity of mAH, that makes FindMyKids the strongest and longest lasting smartphone watch on our list.

TOP-7 GPS & Bluetooth Trackers for Kids

Integrated with the FindMyKids app, Parents remain in complete control of their little one. Buy it here and see how these cool features work in this video.

Overview : The Verizon Gizmowatch is a very high-tech watch that claims to prepare your child for their first smartphone. With 4 Gigs of memory and a battery capacity of mAH, you can already tell how advanced this watch is. Learn more about the watch here and watch this quick video on how it works. The greatest feature of all is its ability to withstand video calling. With 3G connectivity on an Android operating system, the DokiWatch is very reliable.

The best GPS trackers for kids 10 of the best child safety wearables

A SIM card is required but not provided. The DokiWatch can also hold a charge for up to 24 hours on normal usage. See more here and watch this video about the watch here. Check out the watch here and see more in this video. Omate x Nanoblock , on the other hand, was blacklisted by parents due to the possibility of hacking and location spoofing.

The watch itself is full of cool features and easy to use, but the risk of privacy invasion may be too great. The HereO Smartwatch is also an honorable mention. Because of their low price points and obtainability, you can easily own one of these great gadgets for your child. It even has a long lasting battery mAH and is waterproof; everything a child needs to use their watch for years to come.

Compatible with iOS and Android, parents remain in control and in the know. These watches are compatible with the FindMyKids app which ensures safety and reliability. Overview : The G Smartwatch is a waterproof, GPS safety tracking phone watch that comes equipped with a waterproof screen, HD camera, voice chatting app, two way calling and more.

While you typically must purchase a SIM card separately, there is a package available follow the link below that includes a SIM card for free. The phone runs on a cellular network and they recommend you purchase a phone plan with SpeedTalk Mobile. You can find it here and feel free to watch this video. Overview : The G10 Smartwatch is a sophisticated watch for kids.

Having its own music player, games, calculator, and camera makes this teched-out watch special. It runs on a cellular network SpeedTalk and comes with a free SIM card, making two-way calling a breeze. It has a battery capacity of mAH and a standby time of three to five days. Check it out here. Overview : This Vtech smartwatch is a good choice for educational fun.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Watch 3

Meant to be used more as a toy than a tool, kids can wear one on their wrists and play fun learning games. It has a standby time of two to three days. However, given the amount of usage your child is sure to dish out, you can expect the battery to last for no more than a day before it needs to be charged. Find out more here and watch their video here.

Overview : Not disappointing when it comes to fun and games, iCoolive also delivers on functionality. An easy to use, waterproof watch with GPS and camera, this watch keeps things simple. It is a wonderful device, however, it fails to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Luckily, parents can remain in control with the iOS and Android app.

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  8. Users have the option to stop sharing location for some time or log out from an account or completely delete the app. The app is visible in programs. Users can share location only inside one account. Or email us at help kid-control. You can hear what's going on around the GPS watch. There are no ads in Premium. Reviews Review Policy. Access to the camera will be required. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. More by KidControl Dev. See more.